Shurdan Creek Aussies
Mary Gregory
Located in western KY, 100 miles
northwest of Nashville TN
Members of AKC and ASCA
Our Goals and Philosophy
Aussies have been divided for a large part into show lines and working lines. We truly believe that Aussies can do it all. The show
lines tend to have good confirmation and an easy temperament, but also have been inbred to the point of unhealthiness. They have
also been bred away from the breed standard that they should be outstanding specimens of, mainly looking for a large size,
unaggressive temperament, heavy coat and a certain look with a large white mane,etc. that produces "cookie cutter" dogs where
only the area of their body color differ. The herding lines have been bred for more aggressiveness to be able to work livestock and
more leniency toward conformation. They do tend to have less inbreeding and genetically 'cleaner' lines from inherited
conditions. We appreciate the good qualities of both groups, but recognize that there are drawbacks also.

That being said, we think that a 'middle of the road' approach can be of benefit to the Australian Shepherd breed in general.
There are show dogs that can work and working dogs that can show. We strive to put the best of these lines together with great
thought and research on each breeding to further our goals. There will be puppies that will show great promise in just working or
showing that we will offer for sale. But the dogs that show promise in both areas are the ones that will make it back into our
program,to create generations of dogs with that as our main goal,and to eventually release so that others may benefit as they see
fit from our program.

The great intelligence that most Aussies display is another of our goals. One of the founders of our breed once stated "I wouldn't
have an Aussie that would let itself get stole" is something we think of daily. We will not put a stupid dog into our program, or
one that does not display the correct personality. Neither will we keep a cowardly or too aggressive dog. Our ideal dog is safe to
take into public,will not show people or animal aggression, but will not back down in the case of true danger. I have never felt
safer, no matter the situation, since I found Aussies. In this day and age, that's not a feeling to be discounted lightly.

As a much more minor concern, we personally happen to like blue eyed tri's and merles. Not very political and purely a personal
preference, but there it is. While looking for acquisitions to further our main goals, we tend to consider the trait when choosing
new dogs to add to our program. This may be a bit shallow,but we breed to suit ourselves and make no apologies for it. We also
don't select for full white trim. If it happens it happens, but we're fine with 'plainer' dogs too.  Full white trim on both sides  of a
dog's pedigree can get you into mismarked puppies. We'd much better have 1 or 2 nicely marked pups in a litter than a bunch of
mismarks. It also makes our dogs easier to take into show lines that have been selecting for white trim for generations. We don't
mind an occasional dilute as it's only a fault in color which we happen to think is beautiful. We don't remove an otherwise good
dog from our program just because carries a dilute gene. Likewise prick ears. It's a recessive trait easily bred against but the
ears don't make the dog. We do not 'fix' our ears as we want to know what is there as a truth in advertising and to take into
consideration when making breeding decisions. We don't sweat the small stuff when there are so many large problems to keep
away from.

The Australian Shepherd is a diverse breed and you will find that diversity in our dogs. We strive to give any dog or puppy that
we have given life a fulfilled and productive life by treating each one as a unique individual and doing our best to match it to the
correct new owner. It's better to have never bred a dog than to send it to a life of misery. We will be honest in evaluating both the
good qualities and the drawbacks to each one. Since we do take the extra time to do these evaluations,we don't start matching
people to puppies until they are 8 weeks old. We don't ship as we would like to meet you and have you meet us, the puppy and the
parents before going further.  Homes will be carefully evaluated before placing any of our puppies or dogs. So,if you would like
one of our puppies or dogs,give us a call and we'll start getting to know each other.
Our main goal is the advancement of the Australian Shepherd breed in all it's diversity. But we can't keep every puppy for our
own lines so that gives several from each litter to place with others. But we breed planning to keep something back in each litter.