When we got our first Aussie several years ago someone told me “Aussies are like potato chips-
you can’t have just one”. So I can’t say I wasn’t warned. Each one is an individual, but they tend
to be extremely smart, easy to train, loyal to a fault sometimes, and insist upon being a member of
the family, not just a pet. They are not a dog to pet on the head as you walk past at the end of the
day. Mine are my shadow almost every step I take.

AUSSIES: Aussies come in 4 standard colors-black,red,blue merle and red merle,that are
recognized by AKC and ASCA in the breed standard,although there are many variations from
that basis. All can have white and/or copper trim. Visit this website for more info about
coloring,eyes etc. it shows the many ‘flavors’ that Aussies come in.

Vic’s sire is on the eye color page and the Standard colors,Black page.  He is Howard’s
Wanagi-Ishna Ghosteyes “Indy”, and his lines seem to consistently throw blue-eyed solids even
down 4 or 5 generations from him. They can have natural bob-tails or long tails that are usually
docked. I’ve had 1 un-docked Aussie, and can really see the benefit of it. If there is a patch of
cockleburr or begger lice -they’ll find it,wallow in it and be tickled pink to bring them back to you.
Aussies can have many colors of eyes,including brown,blue,amber and green. They can be
solid,flecked,marbled or split. Blue or flecked eyes are usually tied to merle coloring, and rarely
show up in solid dogs. This is the focus of my breeding program- solid color dogs with blue eyes in
dogs that would be prime examples of everything good in an Aussie. I love my dogs, genetics and
blue eyes, so this goal is a natural one for me. Time will tell if I reach that goal or to what extent.
I have merles as I think they are beautiful also and what comes to mind for most people when
they think Aussie.  Above all, my goal is to raise quality,healthy dogs to live happy,purposeful
lives,whether the purpose is show, working,performance or pet supreme.

So,if you think one of my puppies or dogs might be right for you, first research the breed and
honestly decide if an Aussie is even right for you. Don’t however believe that everything you read
about the breed is true for every dog in that breed. They are as individual as we are. Then contact
me and let me know something about yourself and what you are wanting a dog for. Please see the
questionnaire at the bottom of the page,copy and paste these questions into your e-mail.I will try
my best to match each puppy or dog to the very best owner for it. If you are interested, e-mail me.
If I have more than 1 suitable owner possibility for any puppy, I will go by the earliest date I was