Past Dogs

Studs-most are our boys but some are just in our pedigrees

AKC Overlands Prepare For Victory
Our Foundation Stud
Father of Logan and Duchess
AKC Canyonoaks Man O’War “Mannie”
Maternal grandfather of Griffin, Double bred on Hall of Fame Sire Crazyhearts Talk To Me
AKC Shurdan Creek Beside Still Waters
AKC Ryan Creek Joker’s Wild “Jake”
Father of Chaz, JJ and Finn
AKC Faithwalk Journey of the Heart
AKC Timberline Little Deuce Coupe At Shurdan Creek “Deuce”
AKC Shurdan Creek Charles In Charge
AKC Shurdan Creek Jake’s Joker “JJ”
AKC Shurdan Creek Finn Kelly “Finn”
Father of Layla
Not our dog
CH AKC Woodlakes Master Tech
Father of Mannie

Not Our Dog
AKC Grand Champion Grafitti Wildcard of Ryan Creek
Father of Jake
Our very first pet Aussie. Non Breeding
Not Our Dog
AKC Grand Champion Rainedance Written In Stone “Baron”
Father of Griffin
AKC Shurdan Creek High Noon

Dams- The Ladies of Shurdan Creek

AKC Bluesky Written For Griffin “Griffin”
Daughter of Baron and Bristol
AKC pointed Bristol The Pistol Of Shurdan Creek
Mother of Griffin
AKC JBK Duchess of Shurdan Creek
Daughter of Vic
AKC Shurdan Creek Savannah Nights
“Savannah” Mother of Layla
AKC We’re Not in Kansas Anymore, Y’all “Kansas”
AKC Shurdan Creek Butterfly Tattoo “Boo”
daughter of Mannie and Kansas

AKC Shurdan Creek Made In Dixie
AKC Lucy Ricardo of Shurdan Creek Daughter of Mannie and Duchess

AKC Canyonoaks Exotic Fancy
Our Party Girl
AKC Shurdan Creek Mollie Brown
AKC Shurdan Creek Summer Bliss “Summer”
AKC Shurdan Creek Had to Be Victoria
AKC Shurdan Creek Making My Way “Teeka”
AKC Chantilly Lace of Shurdan Creek “Tillie”