4846 St. Rt. 93 S.
Eddyville KY
We now have a
group on Facebook
made up of people
who love their
Shurdan Creek
Aussie.  Even if you
don't own one yet,  
you can look us up
at Shurdan Creek
Shurdan Creek Aussies
Mary Gregory
If you are interested in obtaining a
puppy, be prepared to come to us in
Western KY. We do not place
puppies sight unseen. We don't
ship.We would like to meet you and
allow you to meet us, the puppy and
the parents of the puppy. A picture is
one thing, but a real puppy is the only
way to make sure the puppy and the
person make a good fit.
We take puppy placement seriously.
Be sure and join our Facebook group Shurdan Creek Aussies
to know when we have a litter. The group gets first pick.
Scroll down for pictures and
click on them to enlarge !!!

If you can't reach me by
phone, e-mail me. Cell
reception is spotty
No puppies available until December 2019.